To Convert or Not Convert…

It is not uncommon for us to run into businesses who are running on very old, outdated accounting software.  While it is possible for you to go many years without updating your accounting software (depending on your needs), there comes a point in time when the software becomes so outdated and antiquated that it is no longer functional nor is it efficient.

Software companies like Intuit (QuickBooks) and Sage (Sage50 formerly Simply Accounting) are constantly striving to improve their software to make the job of the accountant/bookkeeper/data entry clerk easier.  Their success as a software company relies on their ability to keep their software fully functional and efficient.

There are many factors to consider when you are looking at upgrading your accounting software.  QuickBooks and Sage50 are only two of the numerous options out there.  To add more choice, many of the software is now available in a web based (cloud) version.

It is best to take time, review the features that are important for your business and do your research.  When in doubt, hire a trusted accounting professional to assess your books and needs and recommend the best fit for you and your company.

Once you have chosen which software to upgrade to, have a professional perform the file conversion for you as well as provide training for the software and the new features it offers.  A professional will ensure that the conversion is done accurately and in a timely manner so as to minimize interruption in your accounting department.  They will also offer insight as to the best time of your fiscal year to perform the conversion and will help to ensure that the software is running at the most optimal level.

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