Financial reportMany of your clients may struggle with the daily bookkeeping and year end tasks. As you conduct your Notice to Reader, Review Engagement or Audit, the number of errors and journal entry adjustments can sometimes be staggering. The time your staff spends making all these adjustments is usually frowned upon by your clients when they receive your bill.

Accurate Bookkeeping Streamlines the Year End Process

Intellibiz Accounting Solutions Inc. is a bookkeeping company with over 17 years of experience.

Our goal is to streamline the year-end process for your office and provides you with a greater level of comfort in the information you are receiving.

We provide you with a set of client books in which you have confidence and can significantly reduce the number or year-end adjustments.

We save your client money on accounting fees, which can be better utilized for tax or strategic development consulting with your office.

Intellibiz, your reliable source on site.