For companies that are in need of some more high end accounting, but do not require a full time accountant on staff, we offer controllership services. Intellibiz Controllers manage the quality of work of your bookkeeper, ensure financials are done right and timely, prepare cash flow statements and forecasts and ask the strategic questions. Services provided by our Controllers include:

  • Clean-up of accounting records
  • Month-end financial statement preparation
  • Project Costing
  • Executive summaries for management and board members
  • Year-end working paper preparation
  • Budget to actual analysis
  • Management of full time accounting clerks
  • Cash flow statements
  • Budget preparation
  • Accounting software set up

Our goal is to provide accurate and timely internal records that management and their public accountants can rely on to make their short and long term business decisions. We do not provide tax, audit or any other public accounting services.